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What is offered

​Foot or Hand reflexology 

Foot Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology

Reiki Energy Healing

Ayurveda Head Massage

Hot Stones Gentle Massage

Manicure and/or Pedicure for men and women

Animal Reiki Energy Healing

$70  **

$70 (regular)                      $75 (lymphedema measurement 70 minutes)

$70  **

$70  **


Price range between $20 and $45 depending if manicure/pedicure is quick cleanup or with polish

$35 (price may vary depending on travel time and time spent with animal)

** These services are offered as a 30-min session for $40 if you wish

Also, you can blend these services together 

Example:  Reiki/Reflexology; Reiki/Head massage or Reflexology/Head massage for a 60-min session**

  • Did you know that anyone of all ages can benefit from a reflexology session? Yes... this includes newborns, teenagers, seniors, etc.
  • Do you know that Reiki energy work is also beneficial to humans as well as animals, especially if they are in their final stages of life?
  • Interested in energy healing work training?  Reiki levels 1 through 4 training is available
  • What about becoming a Certified Reflexology Therapist or simply learning the foot routine?